Flange Vibration Exciter

Flange Vibration Exciter

WZQF series flange exciter works with flanges installed at both sides of the screen plate. Meanwhile, the middle of the exciter is connected by transmission shaft, which is linked to the motor. The vibration exciter is characterized by simple structure, small size, reliable performance, easy installation and maintenance. It is a reliable vibration source for large vibrating equipment. The exciting force of flange vibration exciter ranges from 60KN to 200KN.

Structure Drawing

Technical Parameters
Model Exciting force(KN) Size (mm) Weight (kg)
ф1 ф2 ф3 ф 4 L n-M
WZQF -6 0-8 60 400 490 280 430 715 8-M24 372
WZQF -8 0-8 80 400 490 280 430 715 8-M24 412
WZQF -12 0-8 120 494 560 320 528 780 8-M30 510
WZQF -16 0-8 160 494 560 380 528 880 8-M30 640
WZQF -200 -8 200 494 595 390 665 900 8-M30 730

As a China-based flange vibration exciter manufacturer, We also supplies woven wire screen plate, biaxial vibrating screen, rotary vibrating screen, etc.

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