Linear Self Vibrating Source

Linear Self Vibrating Sourc

The product has the following features.
1. Linear self vibrating source is a patented product which is developed by our company.
2.The metal support is installed at both sides of screen plate and does straight motion.
3.Range of exciting force: 20KN~100KN.

Technical Parameters of Linear Self Vibrating Source
Model Exciting force (KN) Size (mm) Weight(kg)
A B C D E H n-M
WZYC2× 20-6 20 900 980 1147 310 850 566 11-16 400
WZYC2× 30-6 30 1500 1580 1785 386 800 445 10-16 620
WZYC2× 75-6 75 1500 1580 1785 460 1080 656 11-20 1000
WZYC2× 100-6 100 2000 2120 2325 460 1080 706 11-20 1251
Structure Drawing

We is a specialized linear self vibrating source manufacturer in China. Apart from ceramic grizzly screen plate, we also offer flux vibrating screen, vibrating motor, etc.

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