Biaxial Circular Vibrating Screen

Biaxial Circular Vibrating Screen

The biaxial circular vibrating screen, with the patent number of ZL 2009 2 0224028.8, is used in the industry of metallurgy, mine and coal. It is mainly composed of screen box, screen, and vibration exciter and damping spring. The vibration exciter, assembled in the side plate of the screen box, is driven by two motors through coupling rotation to bring centrifugal inertia force and finally vibration. The force of vibration can be adjustable. Moreover, the side plate is riveted by HUCK bolts without weld and can be disassembled. The lining plate made from polyurethane, ceramic or steel offers a high anti wear performance. Besides, the damping system is supported by a composite spring.

Model Screening area (m2) Screen mesh size (mm) Production capacity (t/h) Double amplitude
Motor Single point dynamic load (N) Max. dynamic load (N) Weight (kg)
Model Power (kw)
WDY3065 19.5 10-100 110-500 10-12 Y200L-4 30*2 2150 10750 52000
2WDY3065 21.9 10-100 130-600 Y200L-4 30*2 2150 10750 53360
WDY3073 21.9 10-100 130-600 10-12 Y200L-4 30*2 2350 11750 58000
2WDY3073 2*21.9 10-100 300-600 Y160L-4 15 2550 12750 59470
WDY3373 24.09 10-100 145-650 10-12 Y200L-4 30*2 2760 13800 59300
2WDY3373 24.09 10-100 350-650 10-12 Y160L-4 15 2820 14100 60770
WDY3675 27 10-100 160-720 10-12 Y160M-4 11 2900 14500 64300
2WDY3675 27 10-100 400-720 Y160L-4 15 2900 14500 66000

1. The biaxial circular vibrating screen is available in specifications from 3m*6.1m to 4m*8.5m.
2. Screen plate of single layer and two layers are optional.
3. The vibrating screen has a large processing capacity and efficiency.
4. It has a low noise and dynamic load.
5. It is durable and nearly has no sieve hole blockage problem.

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