Rotary Vibrating Screen

Rotary Vibrating Screen

The rotary vibrating screen is widely used for screening and filtering in grinding, ceramics, chemicals, food, paper, metallurgy, pharmaceutical and environmental protection industries. It utilizes the unbalance hammer equipped in the motor shaft to convert the rotation of motor into three dimensional movement, namely horizontal, vertical and inclined movement. The three dimensional movement is then transferred to the screen plate, which lead to extended involute movement of the feedstock. For this reason, the screen is called rotary vibrating screen.

The phase angle between upper and lower hammers can be adjusted to vary the motion trail of feedstock in the screen mesh. By this means, the accurate screening of feedstock is available. The screening fineness can be 28 micrometers and filtering fineness can be 5 micrometers. The screen mesh is easy to replace and possesses single layer and dual layer to choose. The rotary vibrating screen has the features of light weight, small size and high efficiency.

Model Nominal diameter (mm) Screen diameter (mm) Effective screening area (m3) Max. feeding size (mm) Screen size (mesh/inch) Screen layer   Rotation speed (Rpm) Power (kw)
WXZ-400 400 340 0.09 <10 2-325 1-3 1500 0.18
WXZ-600 600 530 0.22 <10 1500 0.25
WXZ-800 800 720 0.4 <20 1500 0.55
WXZ-1000 1000 900 0.63 <20 1500 0.75
WXZ-1200 1200 1100 0.95 <20 1500 1.1
WXZ-1500 1500 1400 1.5 <20 1500 1.5
WXZ-1800 1800 1710 2.3 <30 1500 2.2
WXZ-2000 2000 1910 2.86 <30 1500 3.7

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