Equal Thickness Vibrating Screen

Equal Thickness Vibrating Screen

The equal thickness vibrating screen is specially designed for dry or wet feedstock screening in the mining and coal industry. The angle between screen surface and horizontal plane starts from 34° in the input, then decrease to 10° in the output. The density of screen layer remains constant. Thus, the feedstock can be distributed evenly in the screen surface and maintain a stable ratio of input to speed. Compared with other vibrating screens, the equal thickness vibrating screen delivers one to two times higher efficiency especially for processing the feedstock which has high content of fine particles.

The equal thickness vibrating screen is available in specifications from 2m*6m to 4m*12m. It is characterized by radian screen surface design, easily disassembled screen plate, self-synchronous vibration exciter, HUCK riveted side plate without weld, damping device, and highly wearable lining plate. Single layer or dual layers of the screen plate is optional.

Model Screening area (m2) Material granularity(mm) Production capacity ( t/h) Screen slope Screen mesh size (mm) Double amplitude (mm) Voltage (v) Power (kw)
WZXD1560 9  ≤300 80-400 5º-25º 5-50 8-12 380 2x11
WZXD2060 12 110-500 2x15
WZXD2560 15 130-650 2x18.5
WZXD3060 18 160-750 2x22
WZXD3073 21.9 190-800 2x30
WZXD3642 15.12 130-650 2x15
WZXD3660 21.6 200-800 2x22
WZXD2590 22.5 200-800 2x22
WZXD3090 27 240-1100 2x30
WZXD3690 32.4 300-1350 2x37

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